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A Wilderness of Forking Paths

A Wilderness of Forking Paths cover image
A Wilderness of Forking Paths cover image A Wilderness of Forking Paths cover image A Wilderness of Forking Paths cover image
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by: Tony Arnold
Books with a 4 star rating  (2)
Publication Date: February 12, 2022
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 174
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
"A Wilderness of Forking Paths" is the antipodal companion to the previous Whisanant Mythos volume, "A Wild Hunt." Absent a moral/philosophical wilderness guide such as "A Wild Hunt," "...Forking Paths" illustrates the tragic potential lying in wait for each of us in the form of traps along life's wandering pathways. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence images extracted from a parallel reality regarding our subject's twin doppelganger there, this book uses the Temple of Scientonomy's computer network to translate those images into a storyline depicting an altogether different outcome for the parallel Dixie Whiz! Printed on glossy stock, featuring over 75 original full-color plates. Volume 28 of the Whisanant Mythos.
Customer Comments
Posted: July 9, 2022
Customer comment 5 star rating
All the fake Israels are coming to a bloody end, and space opera is needed to draw attention away from the secret escape plan, with the Ukraine as destination, being thwarted by Russia, who doesn’t want a new Khazaria on Russian doorstep. European royalty, that has been secretly Khazarian for centuries, needs a Khazarian NWO-empire in the Ukraine to survive, because Europe is notoriously epigenetic-antisemitic. Khazarian papacy is crawling on sore knees to Russia, to beg mercy for pedophiles, while Hollywood is wagging the space dog. Scandinavians hate being deceived by Khazarians on thrones. The Black Magick financial wizard$ are now putting the bat wings, lizard tails [the Wall Street firms] & the rest in their black cauldrons, to stir up the next “build back better" “Great Reset” “carbon credits” “social credit scores” – for countries, companies, and political prisoners) quacczines; and other black magick concoctions. Hey now, how about some poetry...Now, that I didn’t see coming/A rocket from the asteroid belt owners of the exploded planet?/Kind of a Russian Matryoshka matrix of nesting ownership claims/Usually possession is 9/10 of the law/However law comes 100% out of the barrel of a gun/Force in the final analysis determines ownership/There’s no magick way inside out when real power comes into play/Are you enjoying your cricket sandwich yet?
Buy this book, but don't read it.
Posted: July 9, 2022
Customer comment 4 star rating
Since 2018, the Bayh-Dole Act has no “time limit loophole,” and therefore the CIA cooks can barbecue this Faustic chicken forever. If vaccine warp speed was triggered by this Faustic chicken, being paid in golden grain, then there is smoking money trail. If atomic rooster and Faustic chicken made a mafia deal, then they end up in same soup, and can only be saved by Pope Satan. Of course, Scythian Christianity doesn’t provide that option, when skull drinking, on eight-legged horse hoof. It was red hot chili, in summer time/ when I decided to do crime/ and beheaded ice cube spinning fruit loop/ into Bloody Mary with lime. Buy and chew this book it's a TOMAHAWK SMOOTHIE.
About The Author
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Tony Arnold is the cryptonym under which author & musician Dr. Crabbe Rangoon creates his picaresque books of fiction. Dr. Rangoon is the chimerical father of Misanthropology, and splits his time between a Quonset hut atop Floating Rock Mountain and a stilt home in Candor-on-Asperger, Florida. Rangoon holds a Ph.D. in Exocryptobiology from Florida Memorial University, and served on renowned explorer Horst von Hesselbrut's last expedition. Subsequent endeavors included procurement journeys into Asia, the South Pacific, and The Dark Continent, where he earned the appellation "White Devil" by introducing the use of the pellet rifle in the execution of East African poachers. When not involved in writing, his hobbies include exotic cultural appropriation, listening to instrumental & improvisational music, and frequenting Chinese restaurants.
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