Self-publish or Publisher?

This is usually the question that most people think about before getting into book writing. We at TheBookPatch can't teach you how to write a book, but we can provide you the tools to do so when writing and self-publishing a book. Once you have completed the writing process, we assist you with printing the book and offering it to the general public through our no fee bookstore.

You can use our online writing tool that offers a unique set of specialty elements designed for and by authors while writing and self-publishing a book, things you cannot find in any other text editor and defiantly not in one that is free. In addition to the unique tools, that include character files, authors chapter and book notes, collaboration tools and much more, the text editor saves your files to our cloud database (you can save it your own computer as well).

To those who do want to use their own text editor, we offer free book and cover templates to ensure good text formatting and an easy cover design. For authors who do not have cover designing tools such as Photoshop or InDesign, we provide a web based cover creator tool that lets you build a cover without any special tools that is free. These are just a few things that can help you solve the dilemma of the question "Self-publish or publisher?"

Once your book text is ready and saved as a PDF, (we have clear instructions in our How To section to walk you through creating the PDF), you can upload it, generate or upload your cover and your book is ready to print. In effect, you are a published author.

Once you have your book ready to print, you can order one or as many as you want and at the same time make it available in our no fee bookstore for Free. It's now time to get out there and hawk your book. Contact your local radio and television stations and drum up interviews for yourself on your books topic.

If you spent the time writing and self-publishing it, you must have something to say about it that would make other people want to read it.

Get your local bookstore to set up a book signing and have a book launch party and Facebook and Tweet it to the world.

Go get'em!