How to Write a Book

TheBookPatch will not try and teach you book writing in the literary aspect, but we can assist you with the technical aspect of book writing.

We at TheBookPatch have developed a writing tool that is designed for authors publishing a book, a writing tool that can be reached when you click the Write a Book tab in the top navigation bar on TheBookPatch page (any page).

Unlike any other text editor, TheBookPatch text editor has a special section in the navigation bar that lets you create chapter outlines, add author's notes to the entire book or create notes for a particular chapter.

In addition to the regular navigation ribbon, the text editor (Microsoft Word like), has an author tool section that contains chapter outlines, authors notes, character files, and a resource tab that holds the reference material for a particular book. This special section also features a multi-story chapter option, which is a unique tool exclusive to the TheBookPatch word processor. It allows multiple storylines to be developed consecutively from a single idea, either as varying scenarios by a single author or a collaborative effort by many simultaneously, that help a lot when writing a novel.

Attached to the writing tools is a Facebook style tool that allows the author to communicate with editors, co-authors and commentators while publishing a book, each with a different set of permissions and optional commentating.

TheBookPatch will not write your book for you or even teach you how to do it, but it will enable you and simplify the process, even if it's something as grand as writing a novel.