How to Self-Publish a Book

When publishing your own book you need to switch hats, from the author's to a publisher's. The author wants to tell a story, convey an idea, or even change the world. The publisher wants to make money. Spend less, make more, and make the book he believes in successful, so that he could run a sequel.

To come to terms with both roles, in the end you need to have the same goal you need to understand your duties while publishing your own book.

Unless you have a book idea in you yearning to get out - in which case you just need to unleash it - you can tamper your story to fit a larger audience or target a niche one. By doing that, you may not need to sell out to the capitalist in you completely, just a compromise here and there that will not take away from the story.

Remember that writing and publishing a book with a lot of pages won’t necessarily make it good, so the story needs to be tight and flowing. Remember while you’re writing that even though you are self-publishing a book, the publisher in you has the right to reject elements of the manuscript that do not work.

Do not hesitate to be your own hardest critic, because when you’re self-publishing a book, it's your own money and reputation on the line. There will be no one else to blame.

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Use all the tools at your disposal, and knead the manuscript into a book through formatting and a good cover design. Then get a few copies out to your best friends as beta readers and get their opinion on it.

Take what they say seriously and don't hesitate to make the necessary changes. Unlike the author's situation, when a standard publisher can change their mind about publishing a book, you are in control.

Once the book is ready your work as a publisher is just starting. You need to promote your book and get it out there into the hands of the paying readers.

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