How to Publish a Christian Book

A relatively large percentage of our business comes from religious book publishing, with authors submitting various Christian books for reasons we cannot explain.

A so called Christian book is for the most part an inspirational one. The authors are self-publishing religious books to share a personal experience that changed their lives and are driven to share their epiphany with others. It is designed, with no false pretense, to guide the reader to a better life with accordance to the author's vision and beliefs.

At the same time, there are Christian books that want to change and better the world or expose the bad and celebrate the good.

Whatever the reason is, the author of the Christian book should consider the basic elements of publishing to allow the divine goals to flourish and be successful. The advantage that religious book publishing has is the congregation it serves, which can be a great testing ground for the author to seek comments and see if the message he has tried to deliver is clear and resonates with his audience.

Just like any other book, self-publishing religious books with TheBookPatch affords the author the ability to test his book in small quantities, then return and correct whatever he needs. Once the book is ready, TheBookPatch can deliver a great product in large numbers at a great price with an exceptional turnaround.

Look through our bookstore and you might even think we are exclusively a spiritual book publisher. As an author, you must remember that your final format for the text in your manuscript must be a PDF and the size of the PDF should be exactly the size of your final book. To assist you with the formatting, we provide free word templates for you to download and use.

The cover should be an image file like a JPEG, Tiff or PNG. To aid in self-publishing religious books, we provide free templates for covers as well, and you can download a cover template and start working on it even before you complete your writing.

We at TheBookPatch consider it a great honor that people of faith (all faiths) have chosen us as their spiritual book publisher to assist in getting out their message.