How to Publish a Children's Book

There are no rules in children's book self-publishing, yet there are certain expectations when it comes to publishing a children's book overall.

A children's book author has a responsibility for shaping the minds of children and planting ideas like seeds. We can't tell you what to write or what not to write and many of the classic children's books would not be published today, as they are gruesome and may sometimes even frighten young children. But remember, when it comes to children's books, the number one filter for those books are parents.

This fact alone makes the process of publishing a children's book more difficult in knowing exactly what it is you need to do. After all, you're trying to satisfy an adult and at the same time, create something suitable for a child.

In addition, most children's books include illustrations, so the method of printing a children's book is more complicated.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Make the images appealing to both parents and children.
  2. Keep the story simple and not too long.
  3. Make sure you have a clear educational message.
  4. Stick to sizes that are standard with children's books (many children prefer books that are square). TheBookPatch provides three sizes that fit that category, 7.5" x 7.5", 8.25" x 8.25", and 8.5" x 8.5".

A point to remember is that color is not necessarily a must when printing a children's book. Before they were printing books in color, most of the children's books (the classics) were in black-and-white with spectacular black-and-white images.

And just like with any other book, the story is the most important part of a children's book and that is one main factor you should not forget.

Once your book is ready for publication and all the illustrations and text are in place you need to convert your manuscript and images into a PDF file. Next, you need to design your cover, based on the size of the book (use TheBookPatch free cover templates) and let us do the rest.

Creating the book is the hard part; children's book self-publishing with TheBookPatch is easy. It must be emphasized that children's books are initially read to children at bedtime. This gets them into the habit of wanting to hear stories. Unlike regular books, children's books are expected to read over and over.

The characters in the book usually reappear in the next book and generate what is called in the industry, a franchise. That means when you write one children's book that's successful you are expected to come up with more, so happy publishing.