How to Publish a Child's Book

Self-publishing kid's books doesn't mean the books are always for children. In fact, most of the books we publish are actually books written by the kids themselves. There are few gifts a parent can give a child that would compare with enabling him to write, illustrate, and publish his/her own book. A book they can hold in their hand with their name emblazed across the cover and their words inside and read by others.

Using TheBookPatch for child book publishing, any parent can create this if they have a computer and a connection to the internet. Encouraging him/her to participate in child book writing will help them tell a story of their own creation. Let them write it down and then illustrate it. If they cannot write, let them illustrate it and you add the words that they provide.

You can create the book by scanning the illustrations and adding the text using a text editor, or scan the images with the hand written text the child has provided. The child book writing process in itself can be a learning experience for your child and the best quality time you can spend.

After you have scanned the pages, save them as a single PDF file and let the child create the imagery for the cover, then save that as a JPEG, PNG or Tiff file.

In the final stage of child book publishing, you will upload their work to TheBookPatch under the Print on Demand section and a few days later you will see an amazing smile on your child's face.

Self-publishing kid's books is just one of the many passions we have here at TheBookPatch and we aim to make it special for your little one. Who knows, you may just have created the next F. Scott Fitzgerald or Mark Twain.