How to Publish a Book of Poetry

Poetry book publishing is not much different than publishing any other book with the exception of its formatting.

Poetry comes in many styles: Abstract or Sound Poems. Acrostic Poems. Alphabet Poems. Anagrammatic Poems. Blitz Poems. Bop Poems. Cascade Poems. Concrete Poems. Elegy Poems. Epitaph Poems. Fibonacci Poems. Found Poems. Haiku Poems. Hay(na)ku Poems. Kyrielle Poems. Limerick Poems. List Poems. Lune Poems. Monotetra Poems. Occasional Poems. Ode Poems. Palindrome or Mirror Poems. Pantoum Poems. Paradelle Poems. Parody Poems. Prose Poems. Qasida Poems. Quatern Poems. Rispetto Poems. Rondeau Poems. Roundabout Poems. Sestina Poems. Shadorma Poems. Sonnet Poems. Tanka Poems. Triolet Poems. Villanelle Poems to name just a few.

All of the above have different structure; therefore a different formatting is required for poetry publishing. Some poetry books come with illustrations, others do not. The bottom line is still the same; a poet should be the one to choose his/her formatting when self-publishing poetry, as poetry more than any other writing discipline is the most artistic form. No writer wears his heart on his sleeve as the poet does.

We at TheBookPatch assist poets in attaining their goal if it's a large format poetry book or a small poetry chapbook. The fast turnaround and the easy use coupled with the free changing options allow for continuously refined poetry book publishing.

Another point to remember is that unlike a novel or a nonfiction work, the poetry book does not necessarily have a beginning and an end. When self-publishing poetry, this can result in a costly effort if not planned properly. Often a poetry book is a collection of poems that the poet can start with a shorter version and expand it over time. With the tools TheBookPatch has to offer, you can keep adding to it and republishing at will with no extra cost or hidden fees.

Because TheBookPatch offers a no fee bookstore, the poet can offer a collection of books without having to spend any money at all for poetry publishing, and by doing so, direct his or her financial efforts towards promotion.