How Do I Print a Book?

The first step involved in how to print a book is making sure you have your manuscript. With your manuscript in hand, everything will fall into place. A manuscript ready for print is considered one that has been edited and spellchecked. From this point on, the method of discovering how to print a book is all technical.

To figure out how to print a book, you need to determine the dimension of the book you want to have and then format your manuscript to fit that size (6" x 9", 5.5" x 8.5" and so on). To assist you with manuscript formatting we at TheBookPatch created a series of templates that you can download. You can find them on the Print a Book or the Print on Demand pages. The templates can be opened in your word processor; once your book is properly formatted you need to save it as a PDF. We recommend that your PDF be a PDF/X or a PDF/1A (to learn more about that go to our How To section).

Next, you upload your PDF file (after clicking the Print on Demand tab on the top navigation bar).

With the PDF uploaded you will upload a cover that you've designed or generate a cover using our cover tools and your book is ready to order.

When printing your own book, you need to make sure the PDF you uploaded prints the way you see it. In order for your book to print correctly, you need to embed your fonts into your PDF. This is accomplished by saving your PDF as a PDF/X or PDF/1A. It sounds technical but is rather easy to do if you follow the instructions in the How To section of TheBookPatch.

In doing so, you embed the fonts you have into the file. So, in the event that our printing software does not have the fonts you used, it will use the embedded fonts you provided. In short, make sure that you embed the font and create a proper PDF and you won’t have any problems when printing your own book.