How Much Does It Cost to Publish a Book?

Here at TheBookPatch, the most common question we receive is "How much does it cost to publish a book?" We can gladly say that it won’t cost you much at all to publish a book with us.

The cost of publishing a book at TheBookPatch doesn’t count all the sweat and personal equity you have put into the manuscript and the editing and re-editing you must have down. The cost to publish a book does not account for the efforts your friends have put into reading and commenting on the book as it was coming in life. Still if you are willing to carry your baby to the finish line, we will provide you the tools to do it all without spending a red cent.

Let's be clear about one thing though, we are not a charity and we do not do this just because we hate trees and love books. We are in it for the profit; it's just that we don't believe we should be building our mansion on just a few authors' backs.

The only cost to you of publishing a book with us is when you order a book, and we make sure we have the best prices around and a great quality product when you do. We recommend you order a copy just to make sure we do what we promise, and then you can rest assured knowing that your readers will order your book and pay your retail price and the shipping (you get 100% of your markup). All that's left for you to do is promote the hell out of your book.

Use your social network and communication skills to get the word out about your new book and then sit back and collect your profit checks, which we send out around the 15th of every month for all the books you sold in the previous month. The cost to publish a book will soon be a thing of the past when you realize how much money you’re making from your work.

So how much does it cost to publish a book with TheBookPatch? The short answer is not much.