How Long Does it Take to Publish a Book?

People often ask "How long does it take to publish a book?" The answer is not long at all, because publishing a book with TheBookPatch is a breeze. With most self-publishing companies, the time it takes to publish a book can sometimes be a mystery. With TheBookPatch, the average time to publish a book and print it is in 2-3 business days. You can have a high quality trade paperback fresh off the presses in your hands at the speed of the shipping you select. We offer seven options from overnight to the slower and much cheaper Media Mail.

In fact, the average time to publish a book could even be seconds if you use our No Fee Bookstore. As if that weren't good enough, there are no fees or hidden costs to any of this.

The text of your book should be prepared for upload as a PDF/X or a PDF/A1 format. This guarantees that all your fonts are embedded and you will in fact receive what you expect to receive.

At midnight, the day of the order, we start production (you have until midnight (AZ time) the day of the order to cancel it, after that it's too late). So, if you place your book printing order on Monday, the time it takes to publish a book and have it enter the printing queue will be on Tuesday. We will then have it all printed by Wednesday and if the lamination of the cover is ready, the book will go into binding and packaging by the end of the day and ship on Thursday. Please be aware that we reserve an extra day if necessary and the book could ship on Friday.

We can control the production closely, because unlike many other self-publishing companies, we print in-house at a dedicated facility here in Arizona.