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You Gots' Too Bee Stonger

You Gots
You Gots You Gots You Gots
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by: Bruce "Bee Jay" Johnson
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Publication Date: June 3, 2015
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 104
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
In this life one time or another we all had someone else taken our kindness for weakness. We’ve had people even the ones you trust the most only to lie, hurt and deceive you at some point in your life.
We will discuss some of the ways people may be guilty of lying, hurting and deceiving others especially people of authority that abuse their powers towards others. What causes people of authority to lie, hurt and deceive others and what consequences can result?
What must we do to overcome dishonesty and learn to be honest and truthful? What does the bible teach us about being strong and the dangers of falsehood?
So come on and take a journey with us as we try and help you get an understanding of why people in authority as well as others abuse their powers by lying, hurting and deceiving innocent victims. Reasons and signs of people that treat others unfair or unjust.
Information found in this book intends to help educate the public about some of the facts related to reasons why people deceive, lie, hurt, bully, commit crimes and other activities. Also offer solutions to help people to cope with deception, lies, hurt, falsehood, bullying, violence and abuse of powers at time when the world truly needs peace and love. “You Gots’ Too Bee Stronger
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About The Author

Bruce (Bee Jay) Johnson is the founder of Doo-Rite Productions in 1992. In 1986 Johnson attended school for TV/film productions in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1988 he produced a radio sports show at a local radio station.

Johnson worked on a number of film projects including in 1990 Conspiracy Of A Shotgun Wedding, 1992 Search Mate, 1993 House Talk, 1995 Mata, 1996 I'm Bout It, 1998 Strait Jacket. He also produced an educational television show 1999-2001 Financial Aid and Accountability. Johnson also adds to his credits a list of music videos, commercials, PSA's,campaign ads, etc. and produced a music CD, Asiatic Warriors Y2G in 2000.

Bruce "Bee Jay" Johnson is an actor, writer, director cinematographer and producer. As a writer Johnson has written a book titled 'The Many Eyes of Katrina' by Bee Jay and TTC at and a children's book series called The Adventures of Bee Jay. Books include Bee Jay and Grandpa at the Library, Bee Jay and Grandpa at the Zoo, Bee Jay's Magical Sneakers, Bee Jay's Magical Watch and A Summer Day at LA 1. Johnson has a host of books to follow including Bee Jay’s First Day of School, Bee Jay's Safety Tips, Bee Jay's Healthy Diet, Bee Jay’s Exercise Tips, Bee Jay’s Special Day, Bee Jay’s Basketball Game, Bee Jay’s Tennis Match, Bee Jay’s Merry Christmas, Bee Jay and Grandpa at the Aquarium and Bee Jay and Grandpa at Never Ever Land Camp. Johnson has created an action figure of the main character. Johnson also adds to his
playwright credits stage plays "Lord Have Mercy She Just Ain't Gon' Doo-Rite", “Lord Knows He Just Ain't Gon' Doo-Rite", “One Fabulous Independent Woman Show” and “God Only Knows My Heart”.

Johnson served in the United States Military for over twenty years. While on military deployment in the desert Johnson wrote his latest book titled “LandLocked in a SandBox” about his experiences on the war on terror and Operation Enduring Freedom. While teaching JROTC for high school students Johnson was inspired to write books “Crime Stops at the Bottom of Da Booth,” “Too Thine Ownself Just Bee True” and “You Gots Too Bee Stronger”. He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity and member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He has a Master degree in Education Teaching and Learning, Bachelor degree in Print Journalism, Associate degree in Television Productions, Troops To Teacher Program and Certification in Education.

Johnson's unique childhood is the source of his ability to create and write stories. His passion for the myriad aspects of cinematography, and Television/Music productions makes him eager to share his talents and expertise with you.

His work will inspire you, make you laugh, and cry all in one night. Most of all, it will take you away from your everyday stresses and life's clusters. And you know that we all need a break every now and then.