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Vision Planner 2019

Vision Planner 2019 cover image
Vision Planner 2019 cover image Vision Planner 2019 cover image Vision Planner 2019 cover image
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by: Constance D. Gordon
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Publication Date: November 18, 2018
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 45
Binding: Spiral Bound

Usually prints within 3 - 5 business days
Book Synopsis
Vision boards are cute & fun to do, but a vision without a plan is just a good idea that might never get accomplished. This Vision Planner will break down even the biggest, scariest goal into an achievable action plan! It's all laid out for you! Not to mention, it's packed with personality that will keep you engaged and excited about your goals. This will definitely be something that you will reference on a daily basis throughout the entire year.

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The Vision Planner includes:
-Prayer & affirmations for revelation of God's will for your year
-Checklist for setting specific, fail-proof goals
-Prompts for organizing every goal into a category (personal, financial, spiritual, business, ect) & time-table (10-year, 5-year, & year 2019 goals)
-Guided collage pages for each category of goals
-Calendar pages with targeted goals for each week of the year!

There's no way you CAN'T achieve all of your 2019 goals with this planner!
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About The Author
Constance D. Gordon is a psychologist, author, and blogger who has a passion for combining her personal experiences, her background in counseling psychology, and her animated humor to provide insight and inspiration on Christian Living & Relationships.
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