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The Prodigal Son and a Prodigal Society

The Prodigal Son and a Prodigal Society cover image
The Prodigal Son and a Prodigal Society cover image The Prodigal Son and a Prodigal Society cover image The Prodigal Son and a Prodigal Society cover image
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by: Charles Gerber
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Publication Date: February 24, 2018
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 123
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
We all know a prodigal. We all have been affected by a prodigal. Some prodigals live far away and some we see every day. Both are difficult to deal with. The time line of their prodigalism has only made it worse for you. The missed time has really harmed you. The holidays can be excruciating. Grieving over them can become a way of life. This Bible study is designed to give you Godly hope in dealing with prodigalism.
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About The Author
Charles Gerber received his Masters in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University in 1981. Charley has experience in individual, family, and group counseling. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Christian Counseling Services in Muncie, Indiana. Charley has spoken in many states across the country. He has made a number of appearances on television and radio. Charley is not just a counselor who is Christian --- he is a Christian Counselor. He uses the Bible as his basis in all counseling. Charley is the author of four books: Christ-Centered Self-Esteem: Seeing Ourselves through God's Eyes; Healing for a Bitter Heart: Releasing the Power of Forgiveness; and Living With Stress: Biblical Truths to Manage your Life; Mirror of the Heart: a Guide to Christlike Communication. He has also published two Bible studies series through -- one series on fear and another series on stress.
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