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The Hope in Personal Apocalypse | In View of Heaven's Backyard (Color Advance Edition)

The Hope in Personal Apocalypse | In View of Heaven
The Hope in Personal Apocalypse | In View of Heaven The Hope in Personal Apocalypse | In View of Heaven The Hope in Personal Apocalypse | In View of Heaven
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by: Jeff H. Ulrich
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Publication Date: March 26, 2019
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 190
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
An overcomer preserved his spirit in this book for all who are in search of the hope that brought him from the darkness of complete blindness, overwhelming grief, and even near-death. This inspired message of his unique perspective is of his remarkable journey from supernatural miracles, through brokenness, to this place where he could make good of his blessings by leaving the richness of his experience as an inheritance to sustain anyone who would desire a hope like no other.

Included in this advance color edition are the author's entire first book, "The Hope in Personal Apocalypse,” and the introduction through chapter two of his second book, “Near to Heaven’s Backyard.” The black and white advance edition is here:

May your heart be strengthened to persevere as you come to know the power of “Our One True Hope,” and may you then be inspirited to have faith in its source by two extraordinary accounts of true life-changing miracles.
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About The Author
Jeff is a husband, father, technologist, musician, and a certified Chaplain who established a ministry in 2011 that grew to 1.3 million followers by 2014 - all to perpetuate the message of hope that is the inspiration for this book. Jeff’s passion is to further the good news of what God, by His love and mercy, has done for him and would, nonetheless, do for all who are in need of the assuring hope that saved him.

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