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The Drug Story

The Drug Story cover image
The Drug Story cover image The Drug Story cover image The Drug Story cover image
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by: Remarkable Books
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Publication Date: March 15, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 270
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Standard Oil was created by John D. Rockefeller in 1870. In less than 11 years it owned and controlled nearly all oil production and refining in America. While publicly renowned as a fearless and ruthless businessman, privately his political and financial influence extended into all levels of governments. But when Standard's monopoly was broken in 1911, this all came to a stop. So Rockefeller switched gears. He created the Rockefeller Trust, which bought controlling interests in pharmaceutical companies, and today controls all “legal” drug manufacturing and sales world wide.

This book is Morris A. Bealle's detailed warning of how the trust and its operatives accomplish their plunder of this most profitable and powerful segment of American healthcare. He begins with a quote: “I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes.” Today we can see that it should have been sunk.
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