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Prevailing To Open The Book

Prevailing To Open The Book cover image
Prevailing To Open The Book cover image Prevailing To Open The Book cover image Prevailing To Open The Book cover image
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by: Michael David Johnson
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Publication Date: November 28, 2022
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 32
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
This book is based on the author’s understanding of the inspired Word of God in the bible. It relies heavily on
the Strong Analytical Concordance for etymology
 It’s also about a Hebrew or Semitic miracle as old as the 3000 or more year old scripture that it is in. The
language wonder first started to be analyzed in 1990, an analysis based on biblical beliefs such as the creation
of languages by God at the tower of Babel. It’s an assembly of bible verses and their phraseology to make
points in understanding the scripture’s miracle symbolism.
 The challenge of writing about an unfinished decipher of a language miracle, as well as the symbolism
surrounding it.
 The book’s main purpose is to draw attention to the word of God. An exaltation and a glorification of God,
the word of God.
 The idea of a Hebrew Alpha and Omega, a New Testament explanation of an old Testament Miracle, kept
secret for 2000 years. A Hebrew miracle that even Jews did not discover, and neither did Christians either.
 The author spent years reading the bible and the reasons to pursue The two edged sword encouraged him to
repeatedly search again.
 The importance of a modern biblical miracle by God revealed in this period of human history is monumental
and a reminder of the limits of man abilities.
 The author’s faith based initiated work began in 1990
 Due to complex circumstances the author sought a partnership for publishing
 The work is Biblical, and non denominational.
 Something that monotheistic Abrahamic religiously oriented people can appreciate, but not only biblical
religions but anyone who can appreciate and comprehend the intelligent design of the biblical Hebrew
 It has been published, or attempted to be published in whole or part under the titles. The key of David, and
It is Done
 The bookwork is the man-child that rules the world, and explained with personification of the Word of God.
I had expected to be in the “wilderness” for over twenty five years, and for that time I’ve had interference.
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