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From The Vaults of Imagination

From The Vaults of Imagination cover image
From The Vaults of Imagination cover image From The Vaults of Imagination cover image From The Vaults of Imagination cover image
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by: James Huber
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Publication Date: June 19, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 228
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
A solar flare disrupts the launch of a space vehicle. With the electronics knocked out of service, the crew aborts its mission to test weightlessness in space and returns to earth. But is it the same earth that they left? Is it the same time? Or have they returned to a time before time, before life itself? Years after this aborted launch, a group of geologists discovers remnants of an ancient relic in a deserted cave, a relic that should be centuries old, but made of a material that suggested it came from the fated aborted space mission.
Unusual occurrences, unexplained happenings, alternate dimensions, the discovery of a habitable planet (at least a portion of it) but habitable for what? Humans or some other creature?
Men and dogs interact to produce a fantasy beyond imagination. Dimension twist and turn.
Time travel and a legacy passed on to one man, Charlie Shell, a reporter hired to record events in history, events as they actually happened.
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About The Author
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The Author has written books about time travel, government, history and life in the U.S.
The author, James Huber is a retired US Air Force Career man. He has traveled extensively in both the U.S. and Europe.
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