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Evil Arises

Evil Arises cover image
Evil Arises cover image Evil Arises cover image Evil Arises cover image
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by: Mary Felt
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Publication Date: March 4, 2023
Book Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Pages: 24
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

This book cannot be printed.

The book page count is too low for printing.
Book Synopsis
Lucah and Shene’a have had their powers for some time now. They have used them to stop a bully and perform a rescue. They have not had to use them to defend themselves, and they certainly haven’t had to prevent them from being stolen. A new boy with an impressive knowledge of science and technology suddenly shows up in their lives, and he knows their secret and is intent on taking their powers for himself. Though he is only a kid like them, the twins must find a way to stop him before he renders them powerless.
A few days later, a show-and-tell day for Miss Alison’s class is jeopardized when the show-and-tell chest is raided. A race against time to get the toys back leads the twins to encounter a girl unlike anyone they have ever met before. She has stolen the toys for herself, and she is prepared to keep the twins at bay. Like them, there is more to her than meets the eye, and the twins find this out the hard way. Can they best her and retrieve the stolen toys for their classmates?
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