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Deadbeat Dad

Deadbeat Dad cover image
Deadbeat Dad cover image Deadbeat Dad cover image Deadbeat Dad cover image
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by: Charles Fockaert
Books with a 4 star rating  (8)
Publication Date: March 13, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 255
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
White males are under attack by Western society and Western governments, particularly if they are unfortunately forced into the American (or any Western nation's) legal system.

Are you a White male or do you have a son, a dad, a brother or a White male friend who needs to prepare for the attack they will endure as they go through the gauntlet of the American legal system during a likely divorce? Give them this book so they may learn from the author's unbelievable but true experience.

They will thank you for the warning that allowed them to prepare for what might be in their future.
Customer Comments
Posted: March 10, 2018
Customer comment 5 star rating
This book is written in a lean yet powerful style that gives a gripping account of one man's struggle with the incredible corruption of the family court system and the misandry of contemporary American society. You can't put it down but you have to because the tale is so painful. Then you pick it up again because you know you need to know what's coming. Every young man should read it so that when he involves himself with women, he does so with the utmost care and never assumes that his government will do the right thing by him or anyone.
Posted: July 23, 2018
Customer comment 3 star rating
sad story
Roman Klujew
Posted: July 18, 2020
Customer comment 0 star rating
This is a must read for anyone who want's to know how the legal system really works. As I read this book I really felt empathy for Charles and what he was put through. Justice was not served on this man. I have nothing but admiration for the way he conducted himself despite all the difficulty he encountered. Bravo to you Charles, one day you will be vindicated.
Albert Dziennik
Posted: October 16, 2020
Customer comment 5 star rating
Accurate. In many counties across America, the divorce/custody industry is the largest enterprise. With lawyers, judges, domestic relations personnel, court clerks, stenographers, etc the amount of those who rely, solely, on this industry is enormous. Having been through it myself and having met other's who were devastated like me, it seemed a natural calling to run and ad in the local paper each week to offer myself as an ear to listen to those who were so deeply affected by the trauma. I received calls from men who were on the verge of suicide. Loss of family and even the real estate they had drove many to just give up. The stories I heard were nearly unbelievable. It was difficult to understand how this much cruelty was possible. For me it was a matter of calling. In my mind the one thing I could do about it was to listen and mentor where possible. And once some of the men, who called, joined with me, we were able to network and gain support from others who were not affected directly. I continued to organize this group until my own case ended and I was released from the grip of the court system. By this time, my children were of the age where they could decide for themselves. So when I moved away, partially for my health, they joined me and together we moved from the area to heal and grow. I was affected, but more importantly, my children were affected by a system that operated like a conveyor belt. If it had not been for The Lord God, I might have perished myself. But He was there for me and sustained me throughout. I could tell you much much more about my own case and those of the other's I met during this saga. I believe this human tragedy is being duplicated across this land each and every day, however, and my own plight is a mere drop in the bucket.
Jeff Henry
Posted: June 1, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
hey Charles, Mr. Fockaert.
Jeff Henry
Posted: June 1, 2021
Customer comment 3 star rating
Hello Charles.
Jeff Henry
Posted: June 1, 2021
Customer comment 4 star rating
Hello Charles. I know man.
Jeffrey Henry
Posted: June 9, 2021
Customer comment 0 star rating
A Very Compelling and Unbelievable Story of a Man's Loss of His Wife, Children and Business. His story reveals the Corruption and Biased Approach of this Government when it comes to it's dealings with Men and their Families. Charles, I received and read Your Book "DEADBEAT DAD" I read it in three (3) days, and found it Very Compelling !!! An Amazing struggle that You went through. Unbelievable and Remarkable Story Charles. I recommend it very Much to others. This Book gives scathing testimony as to the sad and despicable state of Our Government in all of it's forms and agencies. What's more is that Government's affects on Our People. Thank You again for this Personalized and Autographed Copy.