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Carried Away

Carried Away cover image
Carried Away cover image Carried Away cover image Carried Away cover image
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by: By: Von Kambro
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Publication Date: February 23, 2019
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 51
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
Every rebel has a cause, and Carrie's is to escape her strict religious upbringing. She runs away after her eighteenth birthday to chase her dream of being a famous actress, but she eventually learns that her dreams collide with reality and she's left with only one decision: to return to the life she ran away from.

Carrie was raised in a strict religious household and she dreams of the day when she runs away from it. She is an outcast in her family and community, and develops what she thinks will be a valuable survival skill, but it leads her into making decisions that are not only immoral, but also dangerous.

After she runs away from home the day after her eighteenth birthday, Carrie travels to New York City and becomes involved with prostitution and lives in trap houses. She's able to escape the disparaging environment and moves to Chicago where she begins to pull her life together and falls in love with someone, but pushes him aside to continue chasing her dream, and moves out Los Angeles which she believes will be where her dream of becoming a famous actress will happen.

After she arrives in Los Angeles depression grabs hold of Carrie, and she's pulled down into a pit of despair after she realizes that it's time to stop chasing what can never be.

When she decides to give up the dreams that left her empty and miserable, Carrie confides in her roommate who helps in an unexpected way which leads Carrie to re-discover the faith she had pushed aside.

She finds hope, love and fulfillment in a place she never expected.

(Carried Away is designed as a Christian romance with some strong erotic elements.)
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