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All About Nettle

All About Nettle cover image
All About Nettle cover image All About Nettle cover image All About Nettle cover image
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by: Heidi Villegas
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Publication Date: February 26, 2021
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 44
Binding: Spiral Bound

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Book Synopsis
Everything You Want to Know About Nettle...
Plus Projects, Remedies & Recipes,
Nettle Herbal Monograph,
Benefits & Uses of Nettle,
Ways to Prepare Nettle,
Identifying, Foraging, Growing, and Harvesting Nettle,
Nettle Folk Lore and Fun Stuff,
Nettle Recipes, Remedies & Projects,
Creamy Nettles Leek and Potato Soup,
Nettle Leaf Dukkah,
How to Make Nettle String, or Cordage,
Nettle Infusion for Nourishment,
Pick Me Up Treats,
An Electuary Preparation,
Spring Bitters Home Brewed Ale,
Nettle Powder,
Preserved Nettle in Salt (Nettle Bouillon),
Nettle Spanakopita,
Nettle Vinegar Infusion for Hair Rinses and Dressings,
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