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A Student's Abridgment of the Ageless Wisdom: "Collected Meditations"

A Student
A Student A Student A Student
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by: Alice A. Bailey
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Publication Date: August 25, 2021
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 93
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
The thought-form underlying this Collection of Meditations is threefold:

STUDY AID: They are presented as study aids. They can be studied in a general manner without prior knowledge of the individual for whom they were prescribed. This may include a study of the ‘forms’ the meditations take, and the various stages that are often undertaken in a specific order. Students may also find that merely reading through these meditations can kindle one’s enthusiasm for the esoteric science of meditation.

PRACTICAL USE: They are presented as intermediate and advanced meditations for practical use. Many of the meditations are of value for daily balance, alignment as well as the movement and focusing of energies within the three sheaths; the physical, astral and mental bodies. Many of the meditations are designed to bring each seeking personality closer knowledge of, and eventual contact with, first their own soul and eventually the Ashram.

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