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2023 Vision Planner Workbook

2023 Vision Planner Workbook cover image
2023 Vision Planner Workbook cover image 2023 Vision Planner Workbook cover image 2023 Vision Planner Workbook cover image
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by: Takiya La'Shaune
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Publication Date: January 11, 2023
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 41
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
have always been a dreamer. Even from a young child up, I have seen my mind's ability to manifest what once was only a hoped for thought turn into a tangible reality. I am also a visionary, with such a wild imagination that sometimes it simply does not make sense, even to me. Both dreaming and being a visionary require a certain since of, momentarily, throwing reality out the door and making room in your mind for what could be. Most times, finding what could be is difficult to see among what "is". Especially when you do not have any idea of what you want, where to get it or how to start the steps to achieve it. That is why your dreams need to meet and match with a vision. Where you get that vision from is solely up to you and how far you want to see it through. Vision requires taking the brakes off and flooring it full speed ahead, while your dreams fuel the passion awakening inside of you. Yet, let's not forget about purpose. Purpose is all the reason in which we intend to do with what our dreams and vision align us to have. For instance, take my vision for 2023 as an example, shared on the next page. To many, my vision, at first may seem material and wildly extravagant and yet, I am ok with that...because I know my purpose. Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created and the reason as to why it exists. My purpose is intricately simple, yet uniquely intertwined with my personal passion. Women's Ministry.
I love helping women overcome their obstacles, achieve their goals, see their worth and walk in their value. Period. Exclamation Point. My story started in a place where I was none of those things and now, through the power of faith, vision and manifestation I have set goals, crushed them and need more resources to achieve newer dreams and bigger goals. Never let anyone tell you that your dreams are silly, too big, too small, that no one is doing "that" or your vision is too far off. Another may not see what you do because the vision was given to you to do. Le'ts get started, Dreamer!...the Vision awaits you.
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