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Lou - Ann C Diamond
Member since: 12/20/2013
Gender: Female
Region: Massachusetts
Description: As a Reiki Master and spiritual healer I use all mediums available to create an atmosphere of healing. IntuitiveLifeNetwork.org was started as a hub for spiritual and alternative practitioners to join forced for promotional leverage through our events, workshops, and public media events. New England SEERs and New England Metaphysical Faires are both offshoots of that successful endeavor which continues to thrive. None of our endeavors are 501c.3 and all collaborators are free to indulge in leveraging momentum for political, medical and socio ecconomic conscerns freely. Two books, so far, under the 'Author" belt on Reiki and similar subjects are going to press soon. find out more about me and what I do at my websites. If you want to be interviewed, or if you want to interview or book me, hit my DM.
Interests: Radio takes a lot of my time, not that I love radio, but I love the people that are blessed by the transformative information we share at IntuitiveLifeNetwork.org You can view my music video production and other a/v projects on my youtube page. If you have a project I would love to participate in let me know!
Hobbies: Writing
Recommended Books: I only reccomend the Bible and other Ancient religious texts to my students, the encyclopedia to my children, and The Giver to anyone else, but in reality, I think you should read every single thing you can get your grubby little mitts on.
Litereary Preferences: Humor