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RFI-16 Initiative & Protocol - Rapid Fat Incineration in 16 Minutes a Day! khosrow khosravani
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
America’s obsession with exercise and nutrition has made us fat! Everyone knows that a chicken breast, broccoli, and spinach for dinner is better than a Big Mac, (supersized) fries, soda and a chocolate shake to wash it down! Everyone knows how to walk, jog, swim or push and pull some weights. And yet the country is getting more fat and ill! So why do health, nutrition, and fitness experts emphasize so much on exercise and nutrition instead of WHY people eat Big Macs and WHY they barely move their bodies! Your recovery, mental toughness, and emotional intelligence are even more important criteria than food and exercise for longevity, fat loss, and a healthier and more vibrant lif ...