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L.G.B.TKJV/A-Z4U Bible Written by the Prophets and God
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Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The L.G.B.T.KJV/A-Z4U (Living Guide Book Teacher) Bible is a King James Bible and all of the profits ($4.14 per book) go to The Wycliff Bible Association which unlike The Wycliff Bible Translators, actually helps other countries print Bibles for them in their own language, because WBT only gives the people 1 computer file of the translation that they make them, which may take years and thousands of dollars in donations to make. Therefore, the WBA who split off from the WBT for that reason, because the WBT wouldn't listen to their pleas to help get God's word into peoples hands, has even suffered persecution and death in some cases, while some others consider the the WBT and it's ...