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The Pretentious Book War Goat Press
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
According to people with snooty degrees, 95.7 % of the population is not nearly pretentious enough. N. J. Thomas, who has a snooty degree, and who feels that anything he writes is far too good for anyone who reads, decided the best novel was one with no words. "The Pretentious Book" is that novel. But what use is 200 page blank book? -Add whatever you like to the empty pages. -Turn it into a flip book. -Fill it with random words. -Draw overly complicated Rube Goldberg devices. -Pretend to read it in public places so people do not bother you. -Give it to your friend who always wanted to be an author and tell them to get busy scribbling their novel on the blank pages. ...