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A 31 Day Love Transformation Prayer Devotional Taynia A. Mosley
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Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Spiral Bound
Have you ever wondered how to get the love you so desperately crave, need and desire? It first starts with loving yourself unconditionally despite the many setbacks and mistakes you may go through. It takes a lot to forgive but most people do not know to forgive the most important person in their lives, which is self. You have to love yourself, forgive yourself, and know-how to pick up the pieces when everything seems to be falling apart. You can't settle for being entrenched, you can not work off of broken emotions. If you can't love you, how do you expect love from the world, the answer is simple, you just can't.The Love Prayer Devotional offers you affirmation, scripture, and inspirat ...