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Aweighting the Lord Steve Ames
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Some critics of the New Testament would hypothesize the NT does not reflect an objective historical reality. One skeptic said, “I'm looking for a pattern (which may or may not exist) of Jesus gaining his divine status by degrees as the early Christian decades progressed.” In this 2007 response, Ames demonstrates, with faith building detail, the unquestionable deity of Christ.
The Human Nature Delusion Steve Ames
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Size: 6" x 9"
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The American church continues to orbit the real issue, like the Hubble Telescope orbiting the Earth and looking outward instead of inward. In Ames’ 10th book, he digs up his original writings from when He first received from the Lord the burden to write. He concludes such outrageous things as these: > If you are righteous, then you perfectly do His will. > Natural man does not really have two natures, like a Jekyl and Hyde, as some have suggested. > Born again believers are not even the same species as the people of the World. > We are called to fulfill what Jesus expects, in both our hearts and in our actions, being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God.