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WHY 1 ? Rosemary Whaley
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780977752331
Rose shares details and TECHIQUES in her books, based on her INNER/ OVERSTANDING her LIFE LESSONS EXPERIENCES and does empowering consultation. How she HEALED all illnesses reverse aging: INCURABLE DISEASE, Hiatal HERNIA, Allergies, Varicose Veins, ARTHRITIS, near sighted, other Illnesses, Several SUICIDES attempts and RAPES, Molestation, She HEALED from a Dysfunctional FAMILY, ABUSIVE Marriage, an abortion/ miscarriage and Arrested for SHOPLIFTING, addictions. She RECONNECTED with her DIVINE PEACE JOY, and POWER WITHIN! Had many MYSTICAL. She AFFILIATED FREE SELF AWARENESS WORKSHOPS at TRS Inc./the HOMELESS SHELTER, HALF-WAY HOUSE in CONNECTICUT and YMC-BISEXUAL N-TRANSGENDER COMMUNI ...