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Dreams, Desires And Dead Ends Robin Chappell
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
From Gritty Realism to Magical Realism -- with just a few Stops in between. What Dreams do You have? Do they turn into Nightmares in Your Life? Do they fulfill Your Desires? Or have they only led to dead ends? Life can have many Dreams, as well as lead to many dead ends. Stories of Loss. Stories of Illusion? Or Ecstasy? Of Endings, and new Beginnings. Stories of Dreams, some of Desires (fulfilled or not), and yes… A Few Stories of Dead Ends. But with Dreams and Desires and the willingness to take chances, They can lead to Magical Ends instead of Dead Ones. These are personal Stories, and some of which are Stories whose End has already been Written. Often times, before we ...