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Eternity... The Wager The Greatest Story Never Told Robert Pennington
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Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Eternity...The Wager is a Biblical Faction (Fact/Fiction) Novel offered by Quantum Christianity. What If You Could Know... Who created the multiverse and why? The truth about Lucifer's Rebellion and how it effects Heaven and Earth? How the trial in Eternity's Supreme Court overflows into the affairs of men? Are there ancient, powerful and malevolent demons roaming Earth? Where did they come from and how do they influence mankind? What are the End of Days? How near to the Great Tribulation are we? What will be its impact on society and the world as we know it? What is Heaven like? Is there really a Hell and a Lake of Fire? Which future awaits each of us? Lucifer, the supr ...