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Ferruccio Vitale, Landscape Architect and Planner of the Century of Progress, Chicago, 1933 R. Terry Schnadelbach, FAAR
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Size: 8" x 10"
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Conceived in the best of times, executed in the worst of times, Chicago’s Century of Progress Exposition, 1933-1934, was highly criticized, but none-the-less a phenomenal success. First proposed in 1928 to celebrate Chicago’s centennial, the new exposition was meant to return Chicago to fair fame after a succession of dull Beaux Arts expositions in San Francisco, St. Louis, and Philadelphia. The 1933 Chicago exposition was to be financed by the continuation of the 20’s boom years of industry and stock market gains, but the national economic crash of 1929 stopped. That such an event could happen, the fact that even the idea could survive, let alone be planned, financed and built duri ...
Sequal: R. Terry Schnadelbach, FAAR
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Binding: Perfect Bound
Following the publication of the Vitale volume, "Ferruccio Vitale; Landscape Architect of the Country Place Era" research and discoveries continued on the life and works of this noted professional. It was discovered that Vitale had created additional collaborative firms: Vitale and Rothery; and Vitale and Geiffert and Gilmore Clarke. There were discoveries of little known commissions unearthed by the book’s publication. Additionally, there have been discovered texts and pictures which expands the presentation of projects cited in the original volume. The Sequel book includes a presentation of a Federal commission that challenged Schnadelbach's findings. The Sequel book then, is to be con ...