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Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape Nickolaus Pacione
Books with a 0 star rating(11)
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781594577703
Collectives In A Forsaken Landscape was the book that started it all for me as a solo author. It was originally with BookSurge in 2004 when it was first published. This collection if you're reading it like a novel; (psst) ::whispers:: you're reading it wrong. I have the original pdfs for the body of the book and has additional photos on the TOC page to make this stand out. If you want Gothic Fiction or some nonfiction too you will see it within this; this was based upon a journal on The stories were written between 2000-2004. The second book reflects how I was published in print within magazines. This will be a similar size to An Eye In Shadows. Evil Airs is men ...
Dirty Black Winter Nickolaus Pacione
Books with a 2 star rating(12)
Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The seeds of this started with a novella called When Angels Wept Blood and The Fandom Writer opens everything up. Contains a nonfiction yarn called Revisiting The Loss of Blood as there are plenty of stories that are potent in this one as this was the next to come to TheBookPatch it is the A5 trade paperback size this time around.
Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors Nickolaus Pacione with et. al.
Books with a 0 star rating(37)
Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781944241001
This anthology I did a lot of research on over the years as it got placed in The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in one form. This version will be one of the historic sizes I had it when I had originally released the book. Features work by Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft from the public domain and introduced Fatima Stephens as she wrote under a pen name at the time and Joline Lieck who now writes as Joslyn Corvis. Some of the writes some of us are in touch both others went their own ways. Some by industry politics and others for personal reasons. Since this has a new ISBN; let's have some fun with it -- and please note: All the contributors retain their original copyrights and not su ...
Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: More From A Library Of Unknown Horrors et. al. (edited by) Nickolaus Pacione
Books with a 1 star rating(19)
Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781944243722
Originally published on Pearl Harbor Day of 2011, I had waited until one publishing outfit was good as dead before I proceeded to give my namesake a proper sequel. As my one ex-contributor as he shall not be named though it knows who it is is. As I had caught him trying to make a nuance of himself here -- well however I saw some cool artwork with this anthology and lasting connections on projects though you always have that one who has “Rock Star Syndrome.” All of us but one author remained in touch and as Mick Mercer relates we’re rubbing shoulders gently with long dead greats. Some of the stories they did are a little more obscure and others had been anthologized in different a ...
Polaroids From The Imagination Nickolaus Pacione
Books with a 1 star rating(35)
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781508090946
Is real life like a Twilight Zone Episode? When you lived in Glendale Heights like me, you will wonder that when you read the old articles like the one that came to be when it related of my classmate committing an act of murder. When I was looking at the old photos and a classmate named Daniel Barton said everything I pull out in a world that's fiction I reveal darker truths – this story is true as it is also a work of horror. The events within this era as the Glendale Heights finest said about the county were quite eye opening and about as eye opening as An Eye In Shadows when I first wrote this. Where many say real life is more frightening than Brian Keene's The Rising and ...
The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five Nickolaus Pacione
Books with a 0 star rating(5)
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Binding: Perfect Bound
See the Royal Trade Paperback Edition for the description for this one but man what is a publisher/author to do when they really can offer up more than one size of their respective publications. Issue Five this edition is pre-signed but scraped off the ISBN on the edition. The story by me, the editor, had been twice published and I want to showcase this issue in a very unique way this is the same size as Rod Serling's book as it appeared on Anne Serling offered up one of the books as a 5.5 x 8.5 trade paperback as I will offer up the version of this publication as the size I introduced on this time it's also three sizes so you can take your pick. The 6 ...