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How to Communicate Online and Avoid Digital Miscommunication Monty Milne
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Size: 8.5" x 11"
Binding: Perfect Bound
How to Communicate Online and Avoid Digital Miscommunication is an essential read for those seeking to improve online communication in both personal and professional settings. The book is designed to be a fast read and provide immediate, effective results. The book has no specific reading order. Each chapter is meant to be a stand-alone lesson; chapters do not build on each other. Readers will learn new tips and techniques to improve digital communication after reading just one chapter. In fact, readers will grow their communication skills within the first minute of reading! Happy communicating!
The Mad Cartoonist Monty Milne
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Size: 8.25" x 6"
Binding: Perfect Bound
"The Mad Cartoonist" is a collection of zany cartoons created by cartoonist Monty Milne. He has been cartooning since the mid-1980's and his mainstream debut "The Mad Cartoonist" is a reflection of these efforts. The dozens of single-panel gag cartoons within his book puts his outlandish sense of humor on display and highlight his fun, detailed drawing style and quirky sense of written language. "The Mad Cartoonist" is a wild ride with everything from toilet humor (literally!) to clever puns to cartoon gore to plain old strange and bizarre concepts, so buckle up! Rated PG-13 for mild bits of toilet humor, cartoon gore, and random silliness. 80 single-panel gag cartoons; black-a ...