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Your MaurTecZan Anthology MarLon K. Griffin-Bey; MosLim
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Size: 6.13" x 9.21"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Your MaurTecZan™ Anthology© in due time the solid rock-the sure-foundation stone: the "rightful", the most-soundly-proficient & efficient lawful & adept consummate (system/enchiridion) for the accompaniment,tutelage, pilotage, atonement, & timbre of the invioable/unassailable preemption and accession i.e. legal, civic & filial duty/commiseration/morphogenesis/masculinsation/satisfaction/restitution/indemnification & fibre/probity for a realised-emancipated-autonomous-sovereign-supreme Mauresh TecZan Nation® {[perfected & entire, perfecting & embodying one free national name/culture & civilization]} by His will prepared for & inclining to ancestral dignification, common front, forward m ...