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Everywhere There's a Sunrise, Let's Tell the Good News Linda Linn
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Bad news comes to Pine City and halts a courtship that is just getting a good start. Can these two young people trust God for the outcome? How long will they be separated and what questions might result? Both of them agree to pray and leave it in God's hands, but they both feel very close to tears. How could two bad things happen so close together and spoil things for them? They say a very sorrowful goodbye and God bless you. Life goes on for Matt, almost as it had before they had met, but now he has a big hole in his heart. Fiona has that same hole in her heart. Come spend some time in Pine City, and watch the believers who attend the Grace 'n' Faith Church. The ...
Gladly Serve God In Sunshine or Storms Linda Linn
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Who might be the next to fall in love in Pine City and find a loving spouse so they can be married and serve God together in unity? Maybe somebody we haven’t met, because the ones we already know aren’t ready to start thinking in that direction yet, but give them time. As you read this third novel in the Sunshine Series, be looking for clues about the unmarried people in the Character list which is in the Addendum. Some will get married and some will decide to stay single. Either way, how much can the people in Pine City do for Jesus before he returns? You’ll get to notice how Jesus loves and leads some his followers to love and serve him in new or old ways. You might a ...