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The Story of the Beautiful Julie Dyrud
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Cole and Rayley have been friends since the time they were little. But when high school starts and unexpected changes come their way, they end up taking separate paths. Rayley follows desperately after her "rebel" boyfriend, and Cole befriends a girl he'd always ignored. Belinda Winslow. In her, he sees a joy and vigor for life he had never before witnessed. No one understands why he insists on hanging out with her, but he can't help but crave what she seems to have. Why is is that she is so happy? What does she have that he doesn't? And why had he never noticed it before?
With the Rising of the Sun Julie Dyrud
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Avalon Prish is a seventeen year old high school drop-out who has seemingly lost everything. Her mother, her relationship with her father, and her future at a top notch college. Feeling as if her life has no purpose, she runs away from her troubles in America and searches for answers in a place called Tamar's Home. There she meets a young woman who's unwavering faith challenges her to take a second look at life and the God she had long ago written off. Jelda's life in rural Uganda was simple. Yet, she couldn't ask for better. She had the love of her Savior, her family, her education... she had a future. She never expected that could change. She never expected that her village would b ...