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Black Owned Harry Saffold Jr
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
After losing their parents as children and moving in with their grandmother Mahaliah; Cheyenne, Tyshon, and Torrance set out to embrace a normal life without their biological parents as best they can. Their grandmother Mahaliah is dependent on a fixed income, and relies on part-time incomes provided by Cheyenne and Tyshon, and unknowingly on Torrance’s street hustle in order to establish a single income. Forty-eight year old Neil, Mahailiah’s youngest of four children also resides in the home, but he can’t keep a job. To add to economic challenges, there rises a capitalist giant that confronts the entire community in the name of gentrification. As strategic grandchildren with only one go ...
December Valley (A Black Man's Quest for Love) Harry Saffold Jr
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Most love stories depict the ambitious young man willing to climb any mountain, cross any river, and dip within the depths of the earth to win the heart of the young lady that captured his eye at first sight. While such plots are warm and may even cause goose bumps to rise, December Valley broadens the scope of love and uniquely paints a vivid picture of Brian, a hardworking African – American who has no children of his own, but wholeheartedly embraces Alicia’s teenage children Marcus and Bree as if they were his own. Unfortunately, in spite efforts of grooming Marcus into a reliable young man with good mannerism, and playing an active role in Bree’s life with hopes that sh ...