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"An Hour or Two" Harry Humphreys
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
After weaving his way through the underbrush and prickly blackberries, Hagar, a loving muscular bulldog arrived at the spot where he had hidden his prized ham bone "treasure" as a surprise snow storm suddenly struck at his home. His powerful body, with its short, chubby but muscular legs, had allowed him to tunnel his way through all the challenging brush, weeds, poison ivy and blackberry bushes. Now it was time for his massive paws to go to work. “Time to start digging,” he thought. And then a strange sound erupted from the ground. “Hey there, Buddy, cut it out. What are you doing? You’ll kill me. You are about to bury me under a ton of dirt. Look, I’m waving a white surrender fl ...