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In Art And The Spiritual George Kofas argues that the vision and power of art has diminished in our own day and time and that such a phenomenon has been as a direct consequence of a diminishing of the Sublime within the collective mind of society. Such a cultural phenomenon came about as a result of events in the twentieth century that had a corrosive effect on man’s belief in the Ideal and the Sublime. Consequently a shadow of cynicism has permeated and overwhelmed the culture of our time. As art exists as a component within culture, it also has been affected by a loss of the Ideal. The collective consequence of such events as Hitler’s Holocaust and the Cambodian Genocide, have resulted ...
SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY The State Of The Church George Kofas
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Christianity consists of two major doctrines. One of these is the doctrine of Salvation. The other is the doctrine of Sanctification. By acquiring a greater understanding of these two major doctrines the individual Christian can subsequently gain a greater awareness of the present state of the Church. A discussion concerning these two major Christian doctrines along with the fundamental structures and functional components of the Church will provide the individual Christian with the proper understanding relative to the Church and the goals of the Church as ordained by God in His word.