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God's Grace Fuels My Passion WORKBOOK Dr. Maureen Anderson
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Size: 8.25" x 11"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Dr. Maureen Anderson takes you through an in-depth workbook and study of the life of grace. It's a life of the New Covenant of what Christ has already done and given to us through the death, burial and resurrection. It's a revealer of God's heart for all people. She shares numerous life-impacting personal testimonies she experienced as she received the revelations of grace that have brought her into the "fullness of His grace," a place where God wants all of His children to live. From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another. (John 1:16 NIV84)
How To Hear From The Holy Spirit Dr. Maureen Anderson
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Size: 4.25" x 6.87"
Binding: Perfect Bound
• What car should I buy? • What job should I take? • Who should I marry? • What house should I buy? Did you know before you were even born, God planned all that out for you? "Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!" (Eph. 2:10 TPT) The Holy Spirit cares intimately about the decisions you have to make in life, and He wants to be invited in to direct you to the answers God has for you. Learn how to hear from the Holy Spirit on every big and little decision you have to make in your life!
Making Impossibilities Possible Dr. Maureen Anderson
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
This book was written in an attempt to bridge the gap between where you are and where God has destined you to be. Step by step, chapter by chapter, it will help you piece together the principles of God that lead to “the abundant life.” With the information in this book, you can build a picture of God’s destiny for you, and plant it in your heart. Then you can go on to create that destiny in your life.