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The Yzakrageoun Vol 1. YOUTH Ministries Holy Book of CHAKRAGEOUS The Individual Growing Giant Dr. Chakrageous Yzakrageoun
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Size: 8.5" x 11"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The Yzakrageoun Holy Book of Black Humanity by CHAKRAGEOUS Castle Ministries. Creed- God of much is Thy Higher Power of much love given so freely. Ye knows Thy soul gets weary in The name of Yzakra ( The Chakrageous name for God of the worshipers choice) (Yah--zahk-ruh). As much is created throughout The solar system even The God that God prays to is available because even God prays. The God that God prays to is available for The Healing of God. The Goddess And God’s Are The Ancestors and our praises heal God. January 1st 1863 The E.P. was signed to free The slaves On the condition that the union won The war. Which led to The celebration of Juneteenth which represents The communic ...