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Holy Keto Deeana Graham
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Size: 8" x 10"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781637908679
This is a cook book created with god, love, time and research. After the death of my father from Covid-19, I changed my life and health for the better by giving my life to Christ and starting my weight-loss journey. While on my weight-loss journey with Keto, I noticed that most cook books and recipes were bland. This made sticking to a "diet" hard. I prayed and prayed on it and god started leading me to create flavorful, but healthy recipes that were all Keto! My transformation was quick and amazing, which caught the eye of many people. I told them it was all from God. I am blessed to be able to share these recipes with the world and I hope that the food cleanses your mind, body and sp ...