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Investigations: The Chris Wardle Trilogy Compiled By Paul Hallas
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Three books in one, "Investgating the Mene Tekel Deck", "Beyond Svengali" and "Ten Mysteries now back in print under the same cover. The bulk of this compilation revolves around two easy to make gaffed decks, the lesser known Mene Tekel deck and it's big brother the Svengali. If you ever wondered what to do with a Mene Tekel deck here's plenty. As for the Svengali, you are taken beyond normal Svengali deck tricks. Apart from turning the principle on it's head and combining it with others a number of these routines don't even use playing cards! To round things off, Chris's first booklet "Ten Mysteries" completes this collection, a collection of close up and stand up routines. The ...