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There Is in Everyday A Positive Power To This School Called "Life". Be the Best Student That You Can Be....Never Stop Learning To Make the Most of Each Day. Do Your Best to Live It Right. Vol. 51. Charles Fletcher
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“Make each day your masterpiece.” Never take a day for granted. When it comes to an end, your life will ultimately be made up of the accumulation of your days, so make sure you value each day as a precious gift. “The best way out is always through.” If you are having a hard time in life, it is tempting to try to quit, but this quote reminds us that we have to keep going. You cannot escape your problems by ignoring them. You must experience them to find solutions. “Avoiding failure is to avoid progress.” Accept the fact that you will have times in your life when you fail. You have to look at these experiences as opportunities to learn and grow so you can make progress in the future. ...