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AFRIKA! The True Origin of Karate and All Martial Arts Abolade Tayo
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
• Ancient Africa, stretched from what we now know as Afrika up to a part of India, read the facts. • Ancient Afrikan Martial Arts Masters were complete. • Was medical knowledge taught to Martial Arts Masters? • Did Kung - Fu begin in China? • Did Karate have it’s rough origin in India and was perfected in Okinawa? • Who was Ta - Mo? • Who taught the Chinese Martial Arts? • Did Ju - Do begin in the Orient? • Is Sumo wrestling Oriental? • Read the truth, you will see all the lies exposed, the reason, they have miseducated you about Martial Arts. • Who is the Real leader of Asa Kiniun (Simba - Ryu) Afrikan Martial Arts? • Read about the Propaganda, lies and half truths, the plan ...