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Corky and the Alaskan Gold Digger, A Suspense Novel Bill Richardson
Books with a 5 star rating(1)
Size: 5.25" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780988531109
This is the fourth book of the Alaskan Adventure Series that can be read in any order, and there isn't any sex, violence, or cussing in the books! Alaskan gold can occur in many ways: as a shiny nugget, a reward for helping others, or by doing a worthwhile project! Corky finds gold by flying emergency gear to the tsunami damaged City of Kodiak while dealing with an oncoming Pacific storm! Mark tries flying two nurses to devastated Seward in marginal visibility that is created from the same turbulent weather system! Corky and Marian want to rescue four people from hypothermia because a new pilot did not follow any of the cardinal rules of flying. He crashes his airplane in a remote ...
Corky and the Alaskan Quake, A Suspense Novel Bill Richardson
Books with a 5 star rating(2)
Size: 5.25" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780988531185
Corky Corcoran, a lady Alaska Bush pilot, flies into a remote strip to rescue two stranded illegal hunters before they can be trapped by a huge snowstorm, and rough windy weather doesn’t keep her from delivering a medical team to a remote village. As she keeps a thief from stealing unique Alaskan art, Corky decides how to manage her gold claims, but then the second strongest earthquake in written history shakes Alaska, the world and her plans. Corky and her friend Mark give the first aerial reports of the quake’s amazing destructive power in the Kachemak Bay area. They have a “Can do! We’ll make it!” spirit that is an essential part of the Alaskan’s way of living. There ...
Kai Blue Nana Banana
Books with a 5 star rating(1)
Size: 8" x 10"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781633185302
Kai Blue is six years old when he meets his dolphin friend, Malu on a beach on the island of Kauai. It is one of the planet's most clean and beautiful beaches but Malu talks to Kai about the importance of taking care of ALL the earth "for all its value, all its worth." Together, they call upon Kai's friends and family to clean up litter and debris. Malu and his crew of dolphins thank the hundreds of people who came out to help and the Kauai people pledge to do their share to keep everything looking bright and new. Kai Blue teaches children of all ages about the small ways children can make a big difference in protecting the earth and preserving it for future generations.
Looking For Elves At Wood Creek: Hunting And Other Stories John Graham
Books with a 5 star rating(1)
Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
For years the author slept in a tent, whizzed in a can, up in the dark, battling nerves and heat, chasing birds, boar and deer . . . What was it, he wondered? Among roadrunners, ex-dinosaurs, bump-in-the-night visitors and infernal temperatures, a narrative ensues. Only then is a sense of gratitude and revelation found in the dry wash of a season’s finale. John Graham is a California artist, oral historian and the creator of the El Fornio Story Cycle where Junipero Serra’s heart can be found in a jar. WWW.ELFORNIO.ORG
Twisted Mind John King
Books with a 5 star rating(5)
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Sink back into your favorite chair with whiskey in hand, a candle burning bright, and your dogs at your feet. Journey into secret lands few will ever see. Kill for love, seek gold below jagged cliffs and receive a call from a being out in distant space. Twisted Mind is a book full of artistic cartoons and creative stories, most of them true. At eight years old I realized my mind was not healthy. I kept this secret most of my life fearing I would have to take drugs or live in a straight jacket if I ever mentioned it. Although there were some hard times I believe being "off" might have helped my creativity. I don't suffer from mental illness anymore.. I rather enjoy it. Excerpt fr ...
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