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Second Chance Kristen C. Harris
Books with a 5 star rating(1)
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9798885674324
Ava was enjoying her life in New York... a promotion at her precinct and her boyfriend, attorney, Jace Finley III. Ava had vowed never to return to Chance Mississippi ... the place she grew up... the place she left her first love, Luke Fisher... the place she hadn't been since her mother and sister died. When her dad called requesting help on a murder case, Ava reluctantly agreed to return to Mississippi to help. Her former love, Luke Fisher, was assigned to assist her with the case. Ava's dad sends them to Gulf Ridge, Mississippi, where they meet Elena Cooper, a petite, tough cop with a big appetite and a bigger attitude. After traveling to Texas, they realize they ne ...
Shimmy, Shimmy Die! Die! Raymond Markley
Books with a 0 star rating(0)
Size: 4.25" x 6.87"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781633180109
Millie is a skilled and experienced agent who can out fight, out shoot and out think almost anyone. But when she is assigned a case filled with vicious murders that occur around the performance group the Nine Muses, she finds herself on an assignment that requires special undercover skills with challenges that seem insurmountable. A contemporary mystery set against a background of Life, Love and Death in the world of belly dance.
The Girls of Smithtown Eris B. Blount
Books with a 0 star rating(0)
Size: 5.25" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781637909508
In a town ordered by the State and Federal governments to implement its affirmative action policies, two African-American teenaged boys are killed at the hands of a white police officer. This incident sets the town on edge and upsets the lives of four black women, strangers living in a part of Smithtown called Starry Heights, whose circumstances in a racially charged environment, draws them together to form a bond that will change the town forever.
Vertical World Sholom Weinfeld
Books with a 5 star rating(1)
Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781947962866
A female police thriller that humanizes the genre and transports the reader.
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